Video marketing is as relevant as ever. It can differentiate you from your competitors. It will create an engaging platform from which you can sell the benefits of your product or service. 

However, it’s vital it doesn’t bore the pants of your audience. 

Below is a post I wrote a few years ago about how to reduce the number of drop offs you experience. It’s still highly relevant today.

Your video isn’t going to appeal to everyone. 

Harsh, but true. 

You will experience some level of drop off, perhaps from people who found your video through search, but it didn’t quite give them what they were looking for. 

But whatever the reason, it’s important to make sure that your drop-offs are kept to a minimum. 

Recently, ComScore reported that the average video length has reduced from 7 minutes to 5, giving weight to the latest statistics from The Associated Pressthat claim the attention span of web surfers is a mere 8 seconds, that’s less than a goldfish.

So, whereas, once upon a time, video scripting and directing were all about having a beginning, middle and end, today it would appear as though you’ve got to cut the fluff and immediately sum up the entire video. That way, those that arrived in error, will leave immediately.

Get to the point quickly

When planning your video and writing your script, fight the urge to gently lead your viewers into the main thrust of your message. 

Today, you have to hit them hard and fast.

Think about your script. Is there any part of it that doesn’t drive it forward to align to your main aims? If there is, cut it. 

You really have to be ruthless and strip your video planning down to the bare bones.

We are great advocates of using a story in your video, but the story of today has changed its structure. 

As we mentioned earlier, the traditional beginning, middle and end is no longer relevant.

Now you must:

  • Sum up your entire video’s aims
  • Give them the facts head on (focusing on the benefits)
  • Follow up with a strong call to action

Maintaining your niche audience is essential so there’s no point trying to hold on to the viewers that are going to drop off anyway. 

But outlining what your video is about from the outset gives them the chance to disappear early; after all, you were never going to be able to convert them. That then means you can focus on retaining and converting your niche audience.