Corporate communicationsCorporate Communications

Do you need a copywriter to write your internal corporate communications?

Usually, you associate copywriting with the creation of sales and marketing materials that engage and persuade your customers to take a specific action.

If you think about it, isn’t that what you want your internal communications to do? The only difference is you’re talking to your people.

For your company to push ahead, your people and stakeholders must understand your goals and ethos.

Every staff newsletter, every blog article on your intranet and every sales and marketing directive must get your goals and values across succinctly and powerfully.

Only when they achieve that can you be assured of complete “buy-in” by your company’s most vital asset – your people.

The faster way to excellent customer service

Whether you run a global corporation or a small business, customer service is the key to your success.

However, the key to giving your customers the best possible experience is having engaged and motivated staff.

If your people feel valued, they will perform – it’s as simple as that.

Clear, engaging communications will give them the warm and fuzzy feeling they crave. They will feel part of your organisation; a valued member who you couldn’t possibly do without.

That’s why it’s essential your internal communications, in whatever form they take, are written with care.

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