Video marketing


You don’t need me to tell you how valuable video is to your marketing strategy.

Whether you’re looking to create a cracking corporate video, an explainer video or a product awareness video, it will add a new dimension to your marketing messaging.

There is one problem, though.

A lot of companies lose sight of why they are putting the video together in the first place. It’s an exciting time; probably something they’ve never done before. It’s easy to get engulfed in the creative bubble and forget why they wanted to do it in the first place.

Think about your audience

You already know that all your content is to be directed at your audience. They are the ones you want to convince to buy from you, so it makes sense that every word you write addresses them directly.

The same goes for your video marketing.

The problem is that the thought process behind the video often works like this:

What do we want to talk about?

I know, how we are market leaders blah, blah, blah

We need some dramatic images and music.

Yeah, it will be like a Hollywood blockbuster – it will be amazing!

The problem is, creating something that you want doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll end up with something your audience wants to watch.

Who are you talking to?

The whole point of creating your video is to add value to your audience.

By offering them visual information, you’re strengthening your relationship with them as well as giving your search marketing a boost.

That’s why it’s essential you put their needs over and above yours.

They will want to know:

  • Corporate video – what you can do for them – how you’ll make their life easier
  • Explainer video – how to use your product – how they can get the best from it
  • Product/service video – how it will make their life easier – focus on the benefits

Delivering this type of content on your website and across your social media channels will drive engagement and sales.

In business, everything you do has to be about your customer. Your awards, state of the art premises and longevity are almost irrelevant because they are not the things that are most valued by your audience.

They want to know that you have the solution to the problem they are facing. That you are going to make their life easier. That you are going to save them money, etc.

Remember that, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a video that your audience will love and share.

Your script is just as important as the visual elements of your video. For a chat about collaborating with Sally on this, get in touch