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Earlier this month I wrote about why virtual relationships between copywriters and corporates work, an idea that I now want to expand on.

Getting meetings with corporate clients can be like wading through treacle.

Take this recent example as a case in point.

It took a year to get in to see a potential corporate client who was desperate for copywriting help. They never seemed to have the time to arrange a meeting.

Finally, the call came, a date was set and I arrived at their offices to discover my contact had double booked himself and had to take a conference call with his VP.

I wasn’t going anywhere, so I waited.

The issue the client had, like so many other corporates, was that the sheer volume of content and marketing content needed for his division meant he was constantly fighting fires. Nothing was thought through properly because he was always being forced to be reactive rather than planning and creating content proactively.

My argument was that he needed a virtual copywriter on his team; someone who was available for a pre-set number of days per month, who could carry out all his messaging needs, content creation and copyediting, as and when it was needed. Plus, monthly meetings to plan ahead for forthcoming needs, to make sure all content demands were met in a timely manner.

The result would be strong, engaging marketing that was carefully considered rather than hastily thrown together copy, rehashed from what’s gone before.

The benefits of having a copywriter on your team

The benefits for me as a copywriter are obvious – I get regular work and some level of security (as much as you can in the freelance world).

As for you, you get a professional and highly experienced marketer already to hit the ground running.

You also get a consistent source of new ideas because, as an external expert, I bring a fresh pair of eyes to every project.

Your content needs are fulfilled quickly and with flexibility, freeing up your time to get on with more pressing aspects of your job.

Plus, because we have already negotiated a retainer, there’s no need to gather quotes for every project, which all takes time.

There’s also the continuity aspect to consider. Working with one person guarantees the same style and approach to every piece of work – not something you get when working with a large agency.

When you take into account recruitment costs, holiday pay, sick pay etc., finding a great writer for your team can be expensive. Plus, after a while, they will become indoctrinate in your organisation’s ways creating the real risk of their output becoming stale and ‘samey’.

But, when you work with an external supplier, you get a flexible and cost-effective way of expanding your team’s skill set. And, by hiring someone like me (a woman-owned business), you’ll be helping your organisation hit its supplier diversity target.

Remember, the quality of the content your organisation produces will have a direct bearing on how it’s viewed. Isn’t it time you made sure it was engaging, professional and eye-catching?

Ready to talk?

Whether you think I’m a good fit for you or not, get in touch and I’ll be happy to chat through how a retainer relationship will be of benefit to you.