Outsourcing content production


Content creation is often seen as a burden, which is why the Content Marketing Institute’s 2020 report showed that 49% companies outsource their content production because they don’t have the time, expertise or resources to do it themselves.

When you consider it can take anywhere between three to six hours to write a high-quality, well-researched article you begin to realise, the burden companies face.

How can a copywriter know my business well enough to be effective?

Aha, well now, that is a common misconception because copywriters don’t need to know your business inside out. They shouldn’t do because then they will be able to write about it objectively. They also don’t need to be an expert in your industry. You have your subject matter experts; what you’re lacking is a professional writer.

Your copywriter will do extensive independent research and interview your people to get the meat of the copy. She will then use her skills to craft an original post in line with your brand that will stand out.

By not being an ‘expert’ in your industry, she won’t write in the usual way, making your article far more visible over the other ‘noise’ being published.

She will look at it from the ‘what do your customers want to read’ angle rather than your “I want them to know this” viewpoint. That way, your content becomes relevant, increasing engagement.

Your search potential needs content

You might think that you don’t need content. After all, you’re paying an SEO company to keep your website high in the rankings, or you’re running a PPC campaign, so you don’t need it.

The thing is that’s only getting a handful of pages into the search results. Imagine if you have a constant stream of highly relevant content being published on your website. Then, rather than a few static pages, you’ll have a small army of SEO rich content feeding the search engines. Your brand’s visibility will be boosted, giving you more opportunities of appearing in search results.

Content leads to greater social engagement

Once you publish your content, you’ll push it out through your social channels. This will increase your following, which will spread awareness, which will lead to more targeted traffic to your website, which will lead to higher sales.

What’s not to like?

Content production builds a competitive advantage

Everything we’ve spoken about so far adds up to a more significant competitive advantage.

Let’s face it visibility and traffic are vital in the digital arena, so if you want your business to succeed, you have to make sure potential customers can see you and engage with you.

Get help with your content

If you’re one of the 51% of companies struggling to maintain their content flow (or you can’t be bothered to create one), it’s time to look for help.

Professionally written content that’s SEO optimised and aligned with your brand will deliver a fantastic ROI.


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