if you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait until you use an amateur.


You have a constant need for content, so what do you do?

Muddle along by using in-house writers, who aren’t actually professional writers, but can string a sentence together?

Or, do you higher a professional copywriter to work alongside your team to produce the content as and when you need it?

Perhaps this will help you decide.

Different perspectives

An in-house writer will tend to write exactly what you ask them to write – even if it’s not really what you need.

You see a professional copywriter is a marketer who understands buyers.

After getting to know you, your business and your audience, they have a great insight into what makes your readers buy.

They also understand that everything has to be written for the reader and that it must focus on the benefits you offer them. That means not writing about your business and filling your marketing materials with ‘we’.

Unlike your in-house writers they will do extensive research to make sure every angle is covered, coming up with new ways of portraying your brand to make you stand apart from all the other noise being generated by your industry.

In a nutshell, they won’t be blinkered by what you’ve done before and will deliver fresh, innovative ideas that will carry your business forward.

In the know

The chances are your in-house writers aren’t marketers.

They don’t really understand the mechanics of sales writing.

Unlike professional writers, they don’t know how to craft strong, eye-catching headlines. They can string a sentence together, but don’t know how to construct content that carries the reader through your pitch. They forget about the vital call to action that’s needed to convince your reader to buy or get in touch.

In fact, all your in-house writers are really doing is creating a few sentences that tell your reader about your product. They are failing to attract them, convince them and convert them.

A professional writer not only understands how to create all of that, they also have extensive knowledge of search techniques. This will enable them to create optimised content that will help you attract visitors. The copy will then draw them in and convince them how much better their life will be with your product, and then it will persuade them to buy or get in touch.

Ooze confidence

You’ll never persuade anyone to buy from you if you can’t write with confidence, and confidence comes through experience.

Sure, your in-house writer will develop a more confident writing style over time, but can you afford to wait that long?

A professional writer knows what they’re doing, so every word is written with conviction. Plus, they will be able to adjust their style to suit your audience so you can create tailored messages to all your customers.


I am not for one second trying to say that your in-house writer can’t spell, and I’m also not saying that professional writers never slip up. What I am saying is that errors from a professional writer (grammatical or spelling) are few and far between.

Plus, they know the type of vocabulary to use to get your message across clearly and succinctly. They won’t fall back on marketing speak, buzzwords or jargon; they will find new and fresh ways to getting your point across in plain English.

Basically, that means if you want writing that’s:

  • Fresh
  • Accurate
  • Focused on your reader
  • Focused on the benefits
  • Written in plain English
  • Confident

…hire yourself a professional copywriter to work alongside your team. You won’t regret it.