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Content marketing is probably the most crucial element in your marketing strategy.

You start out guns blazing. Your team is overflowing with ideas. The first few months see your team writing article after article. Then something happens. Before you realise it, the ideas have stopped coming. Your teams have exhausted every avenue they can think of. Therefore, your content strategy is dying.

Your biggest challenge is to keep the good times rolling. A content marketing strategy is for life, not just a few enthusiastic months.

So, what do you do? Get help or let it slide?

Content marketing copywriter to the rescue

The issue of maintaining a high-quality stream of content is a challenge all businesses face, regardless of their size.

The solution I am about to share with you may or may not suit your business, but it’s worth thinking about because it solves the issue of your content marketing drying up.

I work with several retainer clients, helping them keep on top of their content marketing. After planning the type of issues they want to tackle over the year, I work with them to create the content in different ways.

  1. Independent research

Evergreen content is essential to keep the traffic flowing. Generally, I do this through independent research. My client tells me the topic and the angle from which they want to approach it. My job is to go away, research the subject, and create original copy that ticks all their boxes, ensuring that all references are correct.

  1. Subject matter expert interviews

Sometimes, the content required tackles issues specific to the business. In these cases, I add journalism to my bow of skills. The research happens via interviews with the company’s subject matter experts. From them, I glean the information I need to create the bones of the article, which I then flesh out with independent research.

The result is a rich article that tackles complex ideas but written in plain English, so it’s accessible to everyone.

  1. Repurposing content

The third method is repurposing content. Most businesses have a supply of white papers collecting dust. These are a rich source of content. My clients pass them over for me to dissect and enhance to create a series of informative articles. Where necessary, I enhance the content through research and interviews to bring it up to date.

It’s not just white papers that offer new content opportunities; webinars, videos, and podcasts all lend themselves to repurposing. Before you know it, you’ll have a library of articles that will keep your content marketing strategy afloat for months.

Why working with a copywriter makes sense

If you’ve ever tried to write an article, you’ll know how time-consuming it is. Not only is the research a headache, but you also then must create a meaningful, high-quality, plain English and original article from it. Even a professional copywriter will take anywhere from three to six hours to create the first draft – do you have that amount of spare time?

Your time (and the cost of your time) is much better suited to running your business, which is why collaborating with a copywriter on your content marketing is such a good idea.

You will be the proud publisher of a continuous stream of well-written, informative articles that will keep the traffic coming to your website.


Sally Ormond is the article-writing supremo that keeps her clients’ content marketing on track. With only a limited number of retainer clients slots available, call her now on +44(0)1449 779605 or email before someone else beats you to it.