As a website copywriter, I have been know to harp on about your website copy should address the needs of your reader.

What do I mean?

Basically, your content must focus on the benefits of your product/service to the reader rather than focusing on your company and its accomplishments.

That may sound easy but it isn’t. To create great copy that’s compelling, you have to distance yourself from your business which is why many companies opt for the services of a professional copywriter.

Writing for your reader is the way to go but that doesn’t mean you have to totally forget about yourself. You still need an outlet on your website where you can shout about you and what you’ve done. And that’s what your ‘About Us’ page is for.

Do people really read the About Us page?



We all need to know who we are buying from – the face behind the business. We want to be reassured they are someone we can trust which is why the About Us page exists. So don’t blow it.



Make it meaningful which means don’t fill it with jargon and technical speak. You won’t impress your reader just because you know a few long words. If your content isn’t meaningful it won’t have an impact.

Be yourself


This is your opportunity to sell you as a person. Which means don’t use a stock photo on your About Us page, use one that shows you and your team – why hide?

Be real


Write in a friendly conversational style. Tell your reader why you started your business. The process you went through to develop it into the company it is today. Make it a human interest story – but make sure it is real. Don’t try and pull the wool over your readers’ eyes.

Don’t hide


If you want your contact details on this page make sure they’re accessible and include:

  • A valid email address
  • Telephone number
  • Full postal address
  • A map

Back it up


Include testimonials or sound bites from happy customers. But make sure you reference them – a testimonial without a name is worthless.

Your About Us page is very important. It’s not a main sales page but it shows your reader who you are and why they should do business with you.

Use it to show your human side and connect with them.