You already know that the most effective website copywriting is completely focused on the reader.

It should talk about them, tell them how you can help them and how their lives or business will be improved when they become a customer of yours.

Although that is widely regarded as the best approach, it leaves many companies frustrated. When do they get to talk about themsleves? After all, it’s their website so there should be a place for them to shout about how amazing they are.

For many, the About Us page is seen to be the place to launch into the “We are market leaders….” spiel, shouting from the rooftops about their amazing credentials. Granted, to a certain point that is what the About Us page is for. After all, it may not be the page on your website that gets the most traffic, but it is one that many people will check out to get a bit of background on your company to see if you are an organisation they can trust.

The only problem with that is when you focus inwardly like that, it can exclude the reader. OK, so you can tell them about your award winning customer service and how long you’ve been in business, but the information still has to be tailored in such a way as to show the reader why they should be doing business with you; what the benefits are for them.

As such, it’s important you give a lot of thought to your About Us page and follow these 5 simple pointers.

1. Show don’t tell

It’s very tempting to cram your page with an many long and complex words as possible to make you and your company sound impressive.

It won’t.

It’s far more effective to keep things simple. Rather than telling your readers how amazing you are, let the evidence show it. If you have won awards, show them. If you’ve had press coverage, show them. Any one can tell people how great they are, but few can back it up with evidence. As a potential customer, I know what I’d rather see.

2. Personality

Yes, this a company website, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have personality.

Don’t be afraid to show your human side. Keep your language friendly and conversational and ditch the corporate speak and jargon. Finally, make sure every point you make about your company should also be translated into a benefit for your reader.

3. Show them who you are

You can enhance your About page with a team photo, or at least photos of the key members of staff.

Giving a short biography about their backgrounds also adds depth to the page and increases the human factor. But make sure you don’t just list your qualifications and experience. Throw in a little known fact about yourself, or details of your hobbies. This personal insight will help potential customers make a connection with you, increasing trust.

4. SEO

It’s something you just can’t get away from.

Even though this isn’t a direct sales page, it should still be optimised to strengthen your overall SEO strategy.

5. Be visible

Frequently, because the About page isn’t a main sales page, it gets hidden away.

Why? If you’re going to make an impact make sure your readers can find it. Being open and honest about who you are will give you an edge, so make the most of it.

You see, your About Us page is important. It’s a great way to show the human side of your business. No one wants to do business with a faceless corporation that hides behind a flashy website. Be open, be honest and above all be friendly.