How to be unique


Once upon a time, your customers were clueless (in the nicest possible way).

They would contact you wanting to learn about your product or service. Your sales team were happy to chat to them, convincing and persuading them that your offering was the only one on the market that could satisfy their needs.

They bought from you, and everyone was happy.

The world of marketing is no longer like that.

What’s changed?

We have the internet, and your sales team no longer have the upper hand.

Today’s consumers have access to a whole host of information about your products and services including customer reviews and pricing.

You are no longer in control, they are.

What can you do to tempt them?

Give them the information they want

 You can redress the control balance by blogging.

Consumers use information to make informed buying decisions. If you are the business that supplies that information, you’re going to be on to a winner.

Of course, that doesn’t mean just publishing random stuff.

Everything you post has to be relevant, well written, focused on your customers’ needs, easy to find and easy to consume (i.e. in different formats including infographics, videos, text, etc.).

Benefits of blogging

It might sound like a lot of work, but it will help your business shine.

Blogging will not only boost your online visibility, but it will also help you improve your communication with your customers. It will help you develop clear messaging, defining what your business stands for.

It will educate your customers, setting you up as an authority in your field.

They will come to you for advice, and the solutions you offer will help them make the decision to buy…from you.

Plus, by having a comments section, it will give you the chance to engage directly with your audience and ask for their opinions – valuable market research.

Of course, all of that exposure only happens through:

  • High quality, relevant content
  • An optimised blog
  • Promotion of your posts through social media

For more advice about blogging, feel free to get in touch with Sally Ormond of Briar Copywriting.