Blogging for work


Your management team’s latest idea for boosting customer engagement is to get every team member to write a blog post.

Today it’s your turn.

Yes, you know you should have been prepared for it.

Yes, you know you should be keeping an ideas list for articles, but you haven’t. Basically, you see it as an unnecessary burden that’s just taking time away from your usual duties.

It’s a waste of time – right?


Blog writing could actually benefit you in more ways than you can imagine.

  1. Get noticed

Towing the line to management fads will make you look like a team player.

Yes, I also hate that term, but it’s one that management place a lot of value on.

It shows your commitment to your company.

The flip side is that it is also a great way to get noticed outside your company. Assuming you get to add a bi-line showing you as the author, blogging is a great way to get your knowledge and expertise out into the wider world and in front of people that might not normally get to see it.

It could open up a few doors for you.

  1. Better English

Your English skills may not be perfect, but writing a regular blog is a great way to improve them.

Through your writing you can practice creating an engaging writing style that will also benefit your daily tasks, including email communications.

Before you know it, you’ll be chatting like a pro. Your customers will love your clarity and it won’t go unnoticed by those upstairs either.

  1. Grow your knowledge

OK, it’s unlikely you’ll have a long list of topics to write about that no one else has thought about, so you’ll have to do a spot of research.

Reading around your subject will open your eyes to new ideas and theories, which could also help you boost your efficiency.

Self-improvement is never a bad thins, so make the most of the opportunities you get with your blogging.


Blogging is a great skill to have.

It helps you throw off the shackles of academic writing and adopt a more open, engaging tone that will be a real winner when trying to sell.

It boosts your knowledge and will help you grow as a person.

When your turn comes round again next month, don’t see it as a chore; see it as an opportunity to make your voice heard. After all, you never know where it will take you.