Most people see press releases as off line marketing tools. But that doesn’t mean you should lose sight of the fact that they can also be published on online press release websites.

The main advantage of that is that where printed press releases appear for just one day and then become someone’s chip wrappings the next, online press releases will be attracting a new audience for months or even years after its original release date.

That’s why you should always write your press release to include your main keywords so it will continue to attract the audience you want. Although it is important you still follow the usual rules of press release writing.

The usual rules apply

Your press release should still:

  • Be regarded as newsworthy rather than a thinly veiled advert
  • Be brief and too the point. Any waffle will get it rejected immediately
  • Contain quotes from real people and referenced back to them
  • Ensure the first paragraph  summaries your story
  • Make sure you send it to a targeted group of editors rather than going for blanket coverage

The on line press release

Keywords for press releases are just as  important as for your website copy. If you are unsure about how to go about it hire a freelance copywriter to help you.

Using keywords within the copy will make sure your press release is constantly picked up by your target audience for as long as it remains on the internet. The key things to remember are:

  • Focus on your primary keyword for the headline, quotes and opening paragraph but taking care not to over stuff your content
  • Make sure your summary also contains your keyword
  • Still keep your press release brief and to the point
  • Do your research and make sure you send it to journalists and bloggers who will be interested in your  subject

Following these simple tips will help your press release generate new readers and traffic for you for a long time to come. So, if you don’t already do it, start getting your press releases online and enjoy the benefits of longevity and constant traffic.