inspiration for copywriting


One of the toughest parts of copywriting is coming up with an endless stream of inspiration for website content, brochures, landing pages, emails, newsletters and every other form of marketing you can think of.

Everything you write has to be relevant to the client you’re working with, everything has to be original and everything has to be different to what their competitors are up to.

So how do you do it?

Where do all the new and inspired ideas come from?

The only way it can be done is by using what’s around you and within you.


Your life is full of different experiences; either things that have happened to you, or to others that you have witnessed.

Every event would have triggered a response within you – empathy (something that we’re all capable of).

To find the right words to describe the feeling you get when you buy a new car, or find the financial product that’s going to see you comfortably through your retirement, you have to dig deep into your memories and remember how you felt when you had a similar experience.

Twitter, Facebook etc.

Social media is a distraction, but it is also a fantastic place to discover how people feel about a brand.

Customers love to use social channels to voice their opinions, ask questions and leave reviews about products and services. Reading these and looking at the language they use will give you a real insight into how people feel and may even provide quotes and phrases you can use within your copy.

Let me tell you a story

The traditional story format has long been regarded as the best way to sell. It’s the perfect way to illustrate benefits and, because we’ve all been brought up on stories, we can relate to them.

Again, draw on your own experiences to devise a story that has real meaning, one that will engage.

By creating a compelling start that shows the problem the reader is facing, the pain points and empathising with them, you can then go on to show them what you can offer to alleviate their pain and round it off with a strong call to action.

Adverts and marketing

My husband always makes fun of me because I know all the adverts and pay more attention to them than the programme we’re watching.

Taking note of TV and press ads will help you understand not only the types of marketing that are having an impact, but it will also help you develop your own ideas.

Remembering how they make you feel will help you replicate that in your own content and help you chose the right language for the audience you’re addressing.


How many times have you bought a newspaper or magazine because of the headline on the cover that caught your eye?

When that happens, keep it in a swipe file and build a collection of headlines that you found arresting, inspirational, emotive and engaging. Then you can use these formulas within your own copy.

Inspiration for winning copy can come from anywhere – your client, their research, your own research, but most importantly your own experiences. Tapping to the emotions you feel will help you convey those in words that engage, compel and empathise with the reader.