A sales email that doesn’t sell?

No, I haven’t finally lost it. You really can write a sales email that doesn’t openly sell.

What do I mean?

Well, if you get an email in your in box that obviously wants to sell you something (and you haven’t asked for it), what do you do? I’m guessing your most likely answer is bin it.

That’s the problem.

You see, email marketing is a fantastic tool, but if all you do in your communications is sell, people will get pretty hacked off with you. That means all your hard work will end up in their deleted folder and you’ll be swamped in an opt out avalanche.

Odd as it may seem, you can still run an email marketing campaign without your emails being ‘in your face’ sales orientated.

Give your readers what they want

Q: Why did your ‘opt in-ers’ sign up for your emails?

A: Because they want to hear your news, want your advice and, perhaps at some point in the future, will want to buy from you.

Their primary reason would be for advice, so make sure you give them some.

Make sure your emails illustrate, in a non-salesy way, how they will benefit from your product or service. Then give them some great information that will help them. Something like a ‘how to’, a link to an article they will find interesting, or some latest news relevant to your industry.

Yes, I know, you want them to buy from you. Well, every now and then how about talking about one of the issues they are facing. Show empathy and that you understand what they’re going through. Then, right at the end, you can add a line that goes something a bit like this: “To see how to overcome this…[problem] check out…[sales URL].”

There’s no hard sell, it shows you empathise with them and it builds trust.

That’s really all there is to it and it beats the hard sell approach.