email marketing


If your inbox is anything like mine, it attracts oodles of terrible email marketing.

From the brightly coloured and badly formatted ones from “SEO experts”, to the “I’m emailing following our earlier call” that never happened, they annoy rather than inspire.

You see, that email you send is the recipient’s window on your business. If it’s poorly written and formatted, they’re going to give your company and wide berth.

So what can you do to make sure your emails hit the right note?

These simple to follow tips will help you.

  1. Scan

It doesn’t matter how long you (or your copywriter) spends crafting your email, the recipient is unlikely to read every single word. That’s why it’s important your email is scannable.

The best way to do that is use sub headings that are persuasive and that contain key products and service.

If you’re including an offer place it in bold print so it can’t be missed.

Use bulleted lists to highlight benefits and make sure your paragraphs tackle only one idea in short, easy to read sentences.

  1. Flow

There’s nothing worse than an email that flits from one idea to the next without any continuity.

Make sure your subject line flows effortlessly into the body of your email and the final paragraph reiterates your main message, rounded off with a call to action.

  1. Be emotive

Emotion sells. Fact. Make sure you use language that empathises and plays on their heartstrings.

  1. Voice

This is something copywriters talk about a lot. The tone, or voice, you use in your writing will have a big impact in how well it goes down with the reader. If you have brand guidelines in place, your email’s tone should follow them. But if you’re not sure think about your audience and choose an appropriate tone for them.

  1. Give proof

Why should I buy from you?

That’s what your reader is going to be asking, so make sure you give them excellent reasons in the form of benefits that are backed up by facts.

  1. I’ll say it again

Usually you don’t want to be repeating yourself in your copy, but in this case you can make an exception.

The offer in your headline should be repeated in the body copy and then again in the call to action. Just make sure you vary the language and words that you use.

  1. Psychology

Yes, it’s time for a bit of psychology.

Offer valuable information so they will feel obliged to buy from you. Use case studies and testimonials to show how others have already benefited (do they really want to miss out?). Limit the offer by time or number to increase scarcity – there’s no way they’ll want to miss out.

  1. Review

Not only should you review your email for typos, you also need to check it to make sure:

  • Your paragraphs are short and snappy
  • The subject matter is relevant to your audience
  • Your offer is correct
  • Your message is short and sweet
  • You can scan the email and still understand what it’s about

That’s really all there is to it. Next time you create an email marketing campaign bear these points in mind.