When it comes to search engine optimisation strategies, there are a number of elements that must be addressed:

  • Keywords
  • Well designed website
  • Title tags and META Descriptions
  • SEO copywriting
  • Links

The first 4 are all vital to your SEO success, but number 5 is possibly even more important. Your link building strategy is the engine that will keep your SEO campaign going.

Harness some Google love

Building links is, quite possibly, the most important on-going SEO element.

Each link to your website acts like a vote to its authenticity and relevance. Therefore, the more you have, the more Google will love you.

That doesn’t mean you can rush out and get any old links – the process has to be done consistently, over time. Short cuts (such as link farms and paid linking) will be frowned upon. Every link must be genuine and relevant to your website.

By the way, if you think Google won’t bother checking yours because your website is a little one, think again. Here’s what Google’s Webmaster Tools says on the matter:

Google's Webmaster Tools on Link Building

You can also boost your link count by creating content for the web. Articles, blogs and directory listings, which link back to your site, should all be part of your SEO strategy. You could also guest blog.

Generating links is time consuming, but it should be seen as part of your marketing strategy. Do one thing a week to keep the ball rolling – alternate between blogs, articles and directory listings. This will make the whole process far more manageable.

Over to you

Do you have any other link building strategies in place?

If so, leave a comment.