Content marketing is a vital part of your marketing strategy, but you don’t need me to tell you that. 

You’re either writing your own stuff in-house, or you’re using an external copywriter (smart move). However, with the external writer option, how do you know you’re getting the best quality? In fact, does that even matter? Is a constant source of new content more important than its quality?

With Google’s ever-evolving algorithms, producing fresh content is more important than ever. But Google stresses it needs high-quality content. Therefore, if you’re outsourcing your content production, don’t let financial matters cloud your judgement as quality will always outweigh quantity.

Why does quality matter?

Look at it this way. Everything you put out on the web is there to promote your business.

It may not be a blatant advert, but it will be designed to drive traffic to your website and therefore will be associated with your company. 

Now, are you beginning to see why quality is important?

If you’re still struggling, here are five points worth remembering when it comes to content marketing.

1. Reflection

As mentioned above, every piece of content you put out under your company’s name will reflect on you. 

If the content is sloppy, grammatically incorrect and downright boring, it will damage your reputation. 

2. Crowds

Because there’s loads of content on the Internet, yours has got to stand out if it is going to be seen. Second-rate articles will fall by the wayside, but something that’s well written, engaging and informative will rise to the top of the pile. 

3. Longevity

Unlike print, what appears on the Internet today isn’t going to be tomorrow’s chip wrappings. Once you publish an article under your name, it’s there for life. So if it’s badly written, it will have a long-lasting detrimental effect.

5. Quality vs price

Rather than swallowing hard when the copywriteryou approach tells you how much it will cost for a high quality, well researched and superbly written article, consider this; if the content is good and demonstrates a compelling reason for the reader to buy your product, its value is considerably more than one written as SEO padding that couldn’t even tempt someone lost in the desert to buy a bottle of water. 

6. Business magnet

In the same way that people will judge your business on your website, brochures and emails, they will also judge you on your online content.

Badly written articles and blogs won’t inspire anyone to pick up the phone and want to do business with you. 

These five reasons show why it is vital you put quality content before price. Even if that means you put less ‘out there’, what you do put out will bolster your reputation as a quality company that offers great information to its clients. 

Copywriting fees differ greatly so it’s best to shop around. But rather be swayed on price, take a look at their previous work and who they are currently working for. That will give you an idea of the quality of work they are producing. It may be tempting to go for the £5 per article option, but the £300 writer is far more likely to give you a better return on your investment while maintaining the reputation you’ve worked so hard to achieve. 

Can you really afford to jeopardise your reputation with sloppy, substandard content?

I doubt it. 

Sally Ormond is not a £5 per article copywriter. Only high-quality content will do. So if you’re serious about your company’s reputation, call her on +44(0)1449 779605.