How’s your website doing?

Are you getting loads of traffic or is it floundering? If people aren’t finding your website it might as well not exist.

Of course the best way to get found is through the search engines. But even if your site has been structured well and it contains good SEO copywriting, you still need another element to keep that traffic coming – back links.

A link to your website is like a thumbs up; it shows Google that your site has authority. So the more back links you have the better.

One very effective way of generating a consistent stream of back links is blogging.

Generating back links through your blog

I began blogging about two and a half years ago. Not only was it a great way to give away great copywriting tips, it also generated (and continues to generate) back links.

How does it work?

  • Think about your keywords. Make sure they are within your post (but not stuffed, make sure their presence is genuine and not contrived). Also use them for anchor text links. For example, it won’t come as a surprise that one of my keywords is freelance copywriter therefore if I use that within a post, I link it to my website (as shown here).
  • Think about your products and use them as subjects for your posts. So if you make cards and are producing a new range that features poppies, write a post about poppies and refer to your cards within it.
  • Make your writing relevant to your field – something topical. Again, link to your website through anchor text links and keywords.
  • Try to make time to read other blogs within your industry. Find out what others are talking about and perhaps use their topics as a launch pad for your own discussion, linking back to them and your own site.

One of the main things to remember is that if you are going to blog, make sure you do it regularly. Use social media tools to spread the word about what you’re doing through Twitter and social networking sites like BT Tradespace.

Once you get going you’ll soon begin to see the benefits. But remember even though you’ll want to stay within the scope of your industry, try to vary your subject matter – variety will keep your writing fresh.