What is the main advantage that high street retailers have over online marketers?

Their customers can feel, touch and see their products and they can chat to someone about them there and then.

In contrast, when you rely on your website your customers only have your written content to go by and no one to answer their questions for them instantly.

That’s why you must get the right content on your website.

4 main content types

Think for a moment about how you like to get your information. Do you prefer reading, or is video more up your street?

Everyone is different, which is why your website has to cater for all tastes.

Product information

Whether you sell services or products, this content is going to be the main source of information for your customers.

It should not only focus on the features, but also the benefits your products or services offer your customers. This can be done through a mixture of text, high quality photos and customer reviews.


The FAQ page offers a wealth of information to your customers. A comprehensive range of questions and answers (ask your sales team what questions they get asked the most and make sure you include them) will help your customers and cut down the number of telephone calls you’ll have to deal with.

How to guides

Video is great for your how to guides. What better than a professionally produced video that shows step by step instructions on how to use your products?

Ratings and reviews

Customer ratings and reviews give your customers an unbiased view of the product, helping them decide whether it is right for them.

If you have all these elements and wrap them up in a way that is entertaining, informative and shareable, your business will go far.

Why shareable?

Well, if your content is useful and people share it with their friends, they are doing your marketing for you, or friendvertising.

Take a look at your website and see what content you’re offering. Are you ticking all the boxes or are you missing some?

Perhaps there’s another form of content I’ve not thought of that you use to great effect? If so, leave a comment below and tell me what it is. I’d love to hear from you.