Did you put much thought into choosing your website’s URL?embarrassed

Is there any point in thinking too hard about it, or will any old thing do?

Well, the idea behind your URL is to describe what a website or page contains. This helps both the reader and the search engines to work if it is a relevant page or not.

So, for example, one of my URLs is https://www.briarcopywriting.com/seo-copywriting. As you can see, it does ‘exactly what it says on the tin’ because the page is about SEO copywriting.

That’s fairly straight forward and, I hope, an obvious thing to think about. But there are some companies out there that should have stopped and thought a little bit harder about their URL.

The website, Independent Sources, lists the top 10 unintentionally worse company URLs ever.

All prime examples of a company rushing in without thinking things through first.

Are you ready?

  1. Experts Exchange – a site where programmers can exchange advice and views: expertsexchange.com
  2. Pen Island – an online shop stocking every type of pen you can think of: penisland.net
  3. Therapist Finder – self explanatory: therapistfinder.com
  4. Who Represents – a site to help find the name of an agent that represents a celebrity: whorepresents.com
  5. Italian Power Generator company: powergenitalia.com
  6. Mole Station Native Nursery: molestationnursery.com
  7. A computer software firm: ipanywhere.com
  8. First Cumming Methodist Chruch: cummingfirst.com
  9. An art designers website: speedofart.com
  10. Website promoting Lake Tahoe: gotahoe.com

You should by now be getting the picture why it is so important to carefully think about your URL before you buy it.

So, to save your blushes, write your company name down to see what it looks before you commit to a URL.