Focusing your content on the benefits your product or service offer is something I’ve covered in the past so I won’t go over ground. However, if you want a memory refresher on this topic, you can ready about why you should focus on benefits here.

Now that one’s out the way, let’s look at why you shouldn’t focus on your competitor’s weaknesses. 

For many people, the most effective way of showing how great their product or service is, is to slag off the competition. 

However, I have news for you – in no way is this a good way to market your business.

You’re crap. I’m great

I have a big issue with people that enjoy nothing more than to trash another’s business to promote their own. 

The problem with that mind-set is that all you’re doing is frustrating your reader.

If all you can do is tell them how everyone else is crap and you’re great it looks as though you’re hiding something.

In their minds, if you’re so much better, why do you feel the need to slate your competitors?

Plus it doesn’t tell them what they need to know; how your offering benefits them and how it’s going to make their life easier or better. 

As a copywriter I know that your marketing will have more effect if you concentrate on that aspect. 


Well, if the only thing you can come up with is a hatchet job on your opposition, you’re sending out two clear signals to your reader:

  • You don’t have enough confidence in your product or service to sell it on the benefits it offers
  • You don’t have anything to shout about because you’re not offering anything different

Neither of those signals makes you an attractive company to do business with. 

Congratulations, you’ve just committed marketing hari-kari.

Don’t be lazy, be smart

To my mind, slagging off the competition is lazy marketing.

It shows no imagination and no belief in what you’re offering. 

It stands to reason that if what you do is as good as you think it is, it will stand out when marketed smartly (i.e. focusing on the benefits) rather than relying on a cheap tactic.