Hey, congratulations, your blog is up and running. It looks pretty slick and is easy to navigate my way round, but there’s something missing. Writing blogs people want to read

Want to know what it is?

Blog posts that I want to read.

I want to know the kind of subjects I’ll be reading about, so stick to your niche and carve out a name for yourself in your field.

Make them easy to read with plenty of white space, headings, images and simple sentences.

Got that?

Great, but there’s something else. What about your voice?

Finding your personality

People will keep coming back to your blog because:

  1. They like what you have to say
  2. They like the way you say it

The best way to find your blogging personality is to write naturally.

Forget how your favourite bloggers write, copying their style simply won’t work.

Imagine you’re sat with a friend as you write your blog post. Have a conversation with them in your head as you explain what you want to write about. Then type as you speak.

Because it’s a conversation the vocabulary and sentence structure you use will be simple and unpretentious, you’ll avoid jargon and your information will come across clearly and sincerely.

Some might say that will dumb down what you’re writing about, but it won’t. Who spends their life talking ‘corporate speak’ or conversing in jargon? No one.

All your readers want to do is learn something new in simple terms that allows them to implement it straight away and get results.

So when you write your next post remember to:

  • Write as though you were having a conversation
  • Avoid jargon and corporate speak
  • If you have to use a technical term, explain it fully
  • Lay your post out in short paragraphs with plenty of sub headings to make it easier to read

It doesn’t matter who your audience is, whether you work in the business to business or business to consumer market, at the end of the day you’re writing to another human being. Someone who just wants some information and doesn’t want to have to jump through hoops to get it.

Whether they’re extraordinarily well educated or just a normal guy or girl, this simple approach to writing will win out.