Marketing without we


Once upon a time, there was an in-house writer who was tasked with writing the content for the new company website.

The writer was quite nervous about this because he hadn’t done anything like it before.

Gingerly, he knocked on his boss’s door to ask for advice.

“You know what we do,” was the response. “Just get on with it.”

The writer went back to his desk and grabbed the latest brochure that listed the company’s services.

After a few hours, he emailed his document to the boss for review. Without even looking at it, the boss sent it on to the web designer to load it into the site.

The writer was pleased he’d done a good job. Or at least he thought he had…

This scenario is all too common.

Your company website is the most essential online sales too you have, so why leave the writing of the content to an inexperienced member of staff?

Strike that – any member of staff.

The problem I have is that this usually ends up with a website full of ‘we.’

  • We are market leaders
  • We are innovators in our field
  • We have offices in Europe and the US
  • We take a customer-focused approach

None of those sentences focus on the needs of customers; they are all shouting about the company.

The problem is, your readers aren’t interested in you; they want to know if you can solve their problem, and how you’re going to make their life better.

That’s it.

A website that’s full of ‘we’ is pure vanity. It won’t show your customers how they’ll benefit from buying from you. It won’t show them you care about them. And it won’t differentiate you from your competitors.

Natural writing rules

Professional copywriters understand the power of natural writing.

Using the second person, and addressing the reader directly will immediately start to build relationships.

You won’t find them using flamboyant language, buzzwords, empty marketing jargon or stylistic flourishes. Instead, their language is unpretentious, their sentences and paragraphs short and simple, their style friendly and approachable.

Because that’s what readers want.

It doesn’t matter how intellectual or well-educated your audience, they still want simple facts and clear benefits showing them how you’re going to improve their life.

I know what you’re thinking – I want you to use a copywriter because I happen to be one.

Ok, there may be a bit of truth in that, but I believe your company deserves better.

I believe you’re selling yourself short by writing internally. You’re not making the most of your individuality as a company. And that’s what’s going to make you stand out from your competitors.

The difference I can make comes down to a simple fact – I live and breathe copy. That’s it. Nothing else.


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