copywriting and surveying

You would think it is common sense to survey your customers now and again wouldn’t you. So why do so many businesses fail to do it?

There is only one way you’ll find out whether your products and services provide what your customers need and expect – by asking them.

Customer research is vital to keep ahead of the game in a competitive market place.

Sitting in your meeting room brainstorming about what you think your customers want won’t give you a true opinion. You are so much in love with your products and services you’ll see everything through rose tinted specs. The only people who can give you a true picture are your customers.

A good survey can tell you a lot about your market and the perception it has of your company.

10 very good reasons why your marketing and sales strategy would benefit from regular surveying

1.    Discover what your readers want to see on your web site to make them revisit and buy.

2.    Find out how your products can be improved opening up a whole new market for you.

3.    Get an insight into what products your customers would like to be able to buy in the future.

4.    Use the feedback to improve your customer service.

5.    Discover how you can make your DM and adverts more appealing.

6.    Raise your newsletter readership by discovering what type of articles people want to read.

7.    Improve the design of your web site to encourage visitors to stay there longer.

8.    Identify any non-related products your customers are interested in which could help you expand into different markets in the future.

9.    Discover how to optimise the price of your product.

10.    Discover the life styles of your customers – places they frequent. This could open up new marketing opportunities for you.

There is so much you from surveying.

Seize the initiative. Create and circulate your survey and soon you will be able to reap the rewards of enhanced customer relationships.

Sally Ormond – freelance copywriter