Your website conversion rate is vital.

Your website has one function: to sell. 

I don’t want to hear ‘Our website isn’t for ecommerce, so it doesn’t have to sell; it’s just for information.’

No website should ever be for information. 

My website isn’t ecommerce, but it’s where I show people what I do, why I do it, and how it will make their business more profitable. 

Therefore, everywebsite is there to sell. So, why isn’t yours performing?

Your visitors aren’t buying

You can have the highest traffic flow known to man, but if none (or very few) are converting into customers, you’ve got a serious problem.

Your website may look pretty, have a lot of content, and rank well, but that’s worth nothing if it’s not converting visitors into sales.  

The good news is that there’s an easy way to increase your conversion rate. 

How to get your website converting

The first thing you need to look at is the way people behave when they search online.  

Briefly, they type in a search term, Google then gives them a list of results, which they scan and open new tabs for any potential hits and compare the offerings.  

What are they looking for? 

Not only the company that offers them what they’re looking for but the one that offers something unique. To show them that, you have to work out what your unique value proposition. 

But more than that, you have to make sure it’s the first thing your potential customer sees; don’t leave it up to them to find it or work out what it is for themselves. 

What is your unique value proposition?

Your UVP is not only the main benefit you offer, but also the thing that sets you apart your competitors. 

It could be a free bonus item, price reduction, or guarantee – something that is of real value to your customers. 

People have very little of these days is time, so make their job easier by announcing your UVP immediately and clearly. And make sure it is on all your pages – after all, there is a chance they’ll land on a page other than your Home Page. A simple banner across the top of all your pages announcing your UVPwill do the trick.

There you go, now you know how to tackle that terrible conversation rate. 

Take a look at your business. Work out what your UVP and make sure your website shouts about it. Then watch what happens to your conversion rate.

Sally Ormondis an international website copywriter who has been helping clients transform their conversion rates since 2007. Give her a ring on +44(0) 1449 799605 and revolutionise your online presence.