Marketing – whether content creation, SEO, online or networking – is not and should not be a one-time practice. 

To look at the biggest mistake businesses make, I want to turn to the world of F1. 

Picture this: it’s the British Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton has had a flying start and, during the course of the race, has created a 40 second lead over Vettel. As he’s cruising around the track, he has a choice. Does he:

  1. Keep his foot to the floor to maintain that lead?
  2. Decide he’s way too far out in front and so can ease off because there’s no chance Vettel will catch him?

As a canny professional sportsman, Lewis goes for option A because he knows anything can happen in an F1 race and he can’t afford to give Vettel the slightest chance of closing the gap. 

What does F1 have to do with marketing?

Well, a lot of small businesses don’t have the luxury of a marketing department. That role is either taken by the boss, or it’s an add-on to an already overworked member of staff. 

When business is good, and you’re rushed off your feet, your marketing tends to slide. After all, you’ve got more work than you can handle so your marketing isn’t so important – or is it?

Look at it this way; you’ve got loads of work on, that’s great, but you’re so busy meeting your customers’ needs you’re not looking ahead. 

What happens when all those projects end? 

If you don’t have more lined up for the future, you’re going to hit a brick wall. 

Before you realise what’s happened the enquiries will end, the phone will stop ringing, and you’re left wondering what on earth’s happened. 

How to avoid making this mistake

You have two choices:

  • Outsource your marketing (social media, content, promotional materials, copywriting, etc.)
  • Expand your team to include a full-time marketing person

Yes, both require investment on your part but think about what you’ll get in return.

Apart from a marketing expert helping you steer your business to success; you will be able to iron out all the peeks and troughs you’ve experienced over the years.

Just think, no more feast or famine; with a marketer working with you your business flow will be steady helping you plan for the future. 

You will be able to canvass your customers to see if there’s anything you can do to improve your current levels of service. Perhaps there’s another product or service they’d like to see you provide. That extra pair of hands will enable you to gain these valuable market insights to ouch your business forwards. 

Marketing isn’t an option. Whether you’re thinking about bolstering your online presence with a kick-ass content strategy, undertaking regular customer research, creating online guides and eBooks, or refining your SEO strategy, make sure you have the resources to hand to get it done. 

But remember, marketers have the strategy but may not have the copywriting skills needed to make things happen (and visa versa). The dream team is a strategist working with a copywriter. 

It’s worth a thought. 

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