One of the main barriers that prevents businesses using Twitter is not knowing what to say. How to use Twitter

There is still a common misconception out there that makes people think that tweeters only ever talk about what they had for lunch. OK, sometimes they do, but on the whole tweeters use the social media platform as a way of reaching out and engaging with other people. It can be a great source of information and sales leads.

If you’ve set up your Twitter but are yet to tweet because you have no idea what to say, the following tips should help those creative juices start to flow.

How to tweet effectively

1. Share

The internet is full of great information (and some that’s not so great), so when you read something that makes you smile, makes you mad, or gets you thinking, share it with your followers and ask for their thoughts to get a conversation started.

It’s also a great way to promote your own blogs and articles. When a new one is published tweet the link and you’ll soon widen the reach of your blogging.

2. Talk

Too many people still use Twitter as their own personal soap box, spouting off about their business all the time. But to be an effective tweeter you also need to ask people what they think about stuff. Ask their opinions and advice and start to build relationships.

3. Answer

Earlier I mentioned about people using Twitter just to talk about what they’re doing, well you should also be watching the people you follow to see what they’re talking about and what they’re asking. If there’s something you can help them with, speak up and lend a hand.

4. Business

Although you shouldn’t just use your Twitter feed to bombard people with news about your business, the odd tweet every now and then won’t hurt. If you have an offer coming up, tell people or if there’s anything significant happening in your business. You can also share photos too.

5. Advice

Offering advice to those in need is really important if you want people to start engaging with you. Of course, it will also help you establish yourself as an expert in your field, which, let’s face it, is no bad thing.

6. Retweet

You may have noticed retweeting happening or people thanking people for retweets (RT). Basically, if someone tweets something you found useful, that made you laugh or you just felt needed saying again, retweet it. If someone retweets one of your messages make sure you take the time to thank them.

7. Recommend others

A great way to build your reputation as a great company is to big up others who have given you great services. After all, with a bit of luck, what goes around, comes around.

8. Events

More and more people are tweeting from events telling their followers what’s going on. Sometimes, event organisers will even have a twitter wall to encourage delegates to talk about what’s happening. It’s a great way to spread news and promote events. You can even use Twitter to organise your own little ‘tweet up’ where you can get together with fellow tweeters and have a real face-to-face chat.

9. Enjoy

One of the most important things about Twitter is having fun. Engaging, sharing and chatting are the things that make the day go faster.

But one thing to remember, as with all forms of electronic communication, intonation doesn’t translate well. Read and re-read what you’re about to send to make sure it can’t be seen as being offensive, especially if what you’re saying is meant tongue in cheek and remember to:

  • Never get dragged into a Twitter spat
  • Always make it clear if your comment is meant flippantly
  • Never send a tweet that will cause offence

Think before you tweet and have fun.