[This blog was first written in 2010 and revised for today’s situation, namely the lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic.]

The face of business has changed. COVID-19 has forced us all to re-evaluate how we do things, especially in a business context. 

During this period of lockdown, keeping in touch with your customers is essential. It’s a harsh fact but many small businesses (and bigger ones) aren’t going to survive. Therefore, once we reach the end of the pandemic and our ‘new normal’ begins (let’s face it, the world is going to be a very different place), you need to be sure your valued customers are still there and, more importantly, that you’re still there to help them. 

Keeping in touch during the lockdown

You can’t go out and visit your customers and they can’t come and see you, so what’s the easiest way to keep in touch. 

You guessed it – email. 

Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing you can do – when you do it right. But just because we’re in lockdown doesn’t mean you can bombard people with messages. 

A simple, ‘Hi, we’re still here and ready to help” is all you need. 

But once life starts to get back to ‘normal’ you can start thinking about restarting your email marketing campaign. Only, make sure you get it right. 

Email marketing with your eyes open

To make every email count and convert, you must be sure about what you are doing and what you want your marketing to achieve. 

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But how do you put that into action?

Well, to help you out here are my three top tips to boost your email marketing conversion rates.

  1. Tell  them what they need to know

That might sound obvious, but it’s something a lot of businesses miss. Frequently a company is so wrapped up in their own world they end up using the email to tell the recipient all about them, how long they’ve been in business etc. 

Well, that’s not what they want to hear. The only thing they want to read about is how you’re going to help them.

Keep on subject. If you have a lot to tell split it into several emails over a period of time. If you try and cram everything into one email people won’t read it. Include a video to showcase products and services or link out to your website to give your reader more information. 

  1. One action

I’m sure you know that all marketing materials must have a call to action so your reader knows what you want them to do. 

But make sure you keep it simple.

If you fill your email with multiple actions – go here, go there, call now, click here – you’ll confuse your reader and they won’t know which way to turn. By overwhelming them they’ll head for the hills right after they delete your email.

  1. Be credible

If you are sending emails out, they offer you the perfect opportunity to build and reinforce your credibility as a business.

Include testimonials within your copy that relate to the subject matter of the email to enhance your reputation.

Done well, email marketing can be a very effective tool. It will get your sales message directly in front of your customers. Just make sure your message is clear, you don’t confuse your reader and never miss an opportunity to build your credibility.

Sally Ormond, Briar Copywriting, is a freelance copywriter who will help you say the right things in the right way. Call her on +44(0) 1449 779605.