SEO and SEO copywriting is a vital part of any business’s marketing, but it can also be one of the biggest pains. Not because it can be a bit complex, take a lot of time and investment, but because of the unsolicited emails that most companies are bombarded with each day.

Every company claims to be able to get you on the front page of Google (not a claim that can be believed). And yet, if they were as brilliant as they claim why do they have to cold email thousands of businesses?

Although when you delve into it search engine optimisation can be daunting, there are several things business can easily do to help them get found in the search results. So, grab yourself a copy and take a look at the following posts that have featured on my other blog Freelance Copywriter’s Blog:

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The importance of off screen SEO

You can do basic SEO yourself – go on, give it a try.