the power of you



A simple word that doesn’t get used enough in my opinion.

When you use ‘you’ in your marketing it does something magical; it makes the reader believe you are talking to them.

That’s a pretty powerful thing to be able to do because it drives engagement and makes whatever you’re saying personal to your reader.

Look at it this way. You’re looking for someone to create promotional materials for your business. After a Google search you start browsing some websites. The first one starts like this:

“We are unique in our approach to promotional material design. We have our own factory based in the UK in which we design and create all our materials. Our business is ISO 9001 and we abide by a strict environmental policy…”

After losing the will to live you click on to another site.

“Your business deserves to stand out from the crowd. We’ll find you the perfect product that is not only of exceptional quality, but is also ethically sourced to help you with your own sustainability targets…”

Hmmmm…so you have one business that wants to talk about its own achievements and one that wants to help you.

I wonder which on you’ll go for?

Granted, they are made up examples, but they show the difference between using ‘we’ and ‘you’.

The second one instantly sounds like a conversation. It’s showing you how not only will they find you what you’re looking for; they’ll also go the extra mile to boost your sustainability.

Whereas the first one just wants to shout about its factory and standards, to which you’ll probably respond “so what?”

Avoiding the “so what?” trap

The word ‘you’ may only be 3 letters long, but when put together they are very powerful.

It will instantly create a conversational tone that is so important in marketing today.

It addresses your reader directly; drawing them into your content and making them feel as though you are only talking to them.

It shows your reader you want to help them and that your product or service will benefit them directly.

The last thing you want is for someone to read your website and think “so what?”

Make sure you talk to them and tell them how you will benefit them – that way you have a fighting chance of converting them into a buying customer.