freelance copywriter

Being a great freelance copywriter isn’t all about putting your fingers to a keyboard and creating magical copy that makes everyone go “ooooo” and “arrrhhh” when they read it.

Actually that’s the last reaction you want. Your readers shouldn’t even notice your writing – it is the product or service you are writing about that you want them to focus on.

Writing “invisible” sales copy is quite an art.

Can you hear me?

Have you noticed how many sales messages you are faced with every day?

From the moment you crawl out of bed you are bombarded by messages. They are on the news, the radio, buses, TV, in emails, on the internet….I could go on forever.

Your sales message has to break through all that background noise and grab your readers attention. It has to cling to them and convince them your product is the one they’ve been waiting for. And it mustn’t let go until they’ve handed over their credit card.

What’s your creative muse?

Generating a creative flow can, at times, be like pulling teeth. Just because I’m a copywriter doesn’t mean creative ideas are constantly flowing from my finger tips – I wish!

Everyone has their own way of stimulating creativity – it can be anything from reading other websites within your clients industry to more extreme measures. Next time you’re stuck for ideas try one of these:

  • take your dog for a walk
  • work out at the gym or go for a run
  • read a book, magazine or newspaper
  • just write – nothing in particular, just anything that comes into your head. And keep writing.
  • imagine yourself as the reader, think about what they want to know
  • have a change of scenery and work somewhere different – try outside if you can
  • brainstorm keywords and produce a mind map of your product or service to generate new and interesting ideas

Everyone has a different way of coping with creativity lulls – what’s your favourite technique?