Welcome to the copywriter’s laboratory.

This is where perfectly chosen words are put together in a magical formula that will have your readers spellbound and ready to buy.

In just a few moments I will show you a few of the words that I as a copywriter use to persuade my readers to buy my clients’ products.

It might seem hard to believe that such innocent looking words could be so powerful, but they do work – time and again.

But before I show you those, I want to share with you a few little tricks you might like to try within your copy that will add extra oomph to your sales writing.

  1. Broken lists – When you see a list of 3 promises, it’s human nature to read all 3. So, to encourage your reader to read on, split your list over 2 paragraphs. They’ll just have to read the second paragraph to satisfy their curiosity.
  1. Teasers – End your paragraph with a teaser such as ‘But that’s not all…’ or ‘And here’s why…’ or even ‘So why subscribe?’ Your reader will want to know what comes next.
  1. End pages mid-sentence – If your sales letter goes beyond one page, finishing the first page mid-sentence will again make your reader carry on reading.
  1. The promise more – This is especially useful when writing long copy. Adding a sentence such as ‘In a moment, I will reveal to you the five most important conversion techniques to increase your sales. But first…’ It is like dangling a carrot in front of them.

If you’re going to use that last one, make sure you do deliver what you promise.

OK, I’ve made you wait long enough. Here are the 6 magic words I promised. Weaving these into your sales copy will help you cast your spell over your reader:

  1. Easy – Everyone wants the easy option.
  2. Quick – Aren’t we all impatient?
  3. Free – Whatever you do, don’t kill this one by adding ‘absolutely!’
  4. Now – This one is multipurpose. It can be used to show something is new when used in a headline, it’s very effective in the CTA, and it can turn a problem into a solution within the body of your text.
  5. Please – The magic word that always works.
  6. Guarantee – This will allay fears and uncertainty.

It really can be as simple as that. Next time you write some copy why not try these out for size and see how you get on with them.