Having a blog is the fastest way to traffic heaven…if your content is good.

But having loads of traffic coming to your site is worthless if its doing anything once it’s there.

Is your stuff being shares, commented on or liked?


Are they coming back regularly and signing up to your RSS feed or newsletter?


You’ve got a problem.

How to get more sign ups

People will only do something if you ask them to. Adding a simple footnote to your blog posts asking for comments, shares, or letting the reader know you have a newsletter and how they can sign up for it, will create more sign ups and engagement.

Make the most of your social media accounts. Tweet or add a Facebook status update telling people when your next newsletter is about to go out and how they can sign up for it.

When it comes to RSS subscribers, let your readers know when you’re about to publish a series of blog posts and encourage them to subscribe so they don’t miss them.

These calls to action are vital if you want to get people to engage with you so don’t just keep them for your marketing materials.