who's the best


Marketing leading.

Industry leading.



Innovative design.

Breakthrough technology.

Ground-breaking technology


How many times have you come across one of those phrases on a website or in a brochure?

It’s amazing how many ‘market leaders’ there are in the world.

It doesn’t matter if it’s kitchen design, software, telecoms, or finance related, someone somewhere is claiming to be ‘best in class’.

When you’re looking for a way to differentiate yourself in your copy, it seems like a simple fix – but is it?

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

You’ve spent hours searching and comparing companies trying to find the best fit for what you need.

The problem is they all claim to be ‘market leading’ – so where does that leave you?

Stop padding and add substance

All you’re doing with these words is filling gaps.

They are the lazy way to pad out a sentence rather than adding specific meaning.

Why do they get used so much?

Because it means the writer doesn’t have to really think about what they’re trying to sell and what it will do for the reader in real terms.

Writing compelling copy isn’t easy – at times finding the right words to convey your ideas can be as painful as pulling teeth. Every word you write must earn its place on the page so that means saying goodbye to meaningless fluff.

Rather than just saying you’re ‘innovative’, ‘have a unique approach’, or are ‘world leading’ think about how you help your customers in real terms.

How does your product or service make their life easier?

Why are your team so amazing?

What makes your processes so effective?

If you really are world leading how can you qualify the statement? Where’s your proof?

To gain credibility tell it how it is. Be straight with your reader and tell them, without exaggeration, what you’re going to do for them and then let them decide how ‘innovative’ your product is.