Recently, I took on a new client who was looking to revamp their newsletter in content and style. 

The current version was very difficult to read. There was a whole spectrum of colours going on, with stories dotted here, there, and everywhere without any structure. It was also all about the company, however they wanted to change this so the focus was on their employees. 

I won’t bore you with the ins and outs of the project, but after a restyle and fresh content (naturally written with a focus on stories about their people), the new-look newsletter was launched and received positively within the company. 

Newsletters do more than report news

In the case I mentioned above, the primary audience is staff – it’s an internal newsletter. For you, yours probably exists to keep your customers up to date. However, regardless of your audience, how you present your stories should be similar. 

The content should be about the reader or at least be of benefit to them in some way. It should deliver interesting and useful informationthat enriches their lives. 

Regular contact with your customers (and prospective customers) in this way is vital, which is why many businesses now produce a monthly (or at least regular) newsletter.

By maintaining regular contact in this way you are ensuring your business name remains firmly lodges in their mind so when they are in need, it is you they will turn to.

The best way to develop your mailing list is to grow it organically because it will deliver better results than a bought-in list.

So how do you ensure you and your customers get the most out of your business relationship?

Well, here are three ways to ensure your newsletter works:

1. Opt-in

If you want someone to opt into your mailing list, you have to make it easy for them, especially in light of the introduction of GDPR.

Don’t hide your opt-in form so your reader has to search your entire website for it—because they won’t bother. Make it ishighly visible, preferably on every page and simple to complete. 

It is also be a good idea to tell them what they can expect to receive from you, the frequency of your mailings, oh, and reassure them that you won’t share their details with anyone else.

2. Content

What you send out each month is critical. 

Don’t make your content overly promotional and certainly don’tstart with a sales pitch. 

Kick off with a recommendation, article, or comment on industry news. Then offer enhance your relationship further by offering a hint or tip that your reader will find useful. Once you’ve given them something you can then bring in your offer or a case study to promote your products/services.

If you are unsure about how or what to write, it may be an idea to enlist the help of a professional copywriterto write the content for you. 

Just remember always give firstand ask second. 

3. Two way traffic

If you want your newsletter to enhance your relationship make sure it is easy for your reader to interact with you.

After reading your news they may want to get in touch so don’t use a “no-reply” email address. Make it simple for them. 

The main thing to remember about using a regular newsletter to keep in touch with your customers is that it shouldn’t all be about selling.Your newsletter should be used to add value to your relationship. Be generous with your information as this will develop trust and with trust comes sale