Newsletter marketing is a great way to promote your business and add value to your customers – fact.Repurpose content

But what happens once you’ve hit send?

Is  your carefully crafted copy forgotten about?

Did you know you could use your newsletters to help give your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) a boost?

Newsletters and SEO

Surely, my newsletter won’t have any effect on my SEO.

On its own, no it won’t. But think about the content for a moment.

It has a strong, compelling subject line (or heading) and the content will be SEO friendly simply because you’ve written about your products/services, therefore it is going to naturally contact your keywords.

So why let all  that valuable content ‘die’ once you’ve sent it?

Providing a section within your website for your old newsletters will keep that content alive. Plus, you’ll be constantly adding fresh content and Google loves that.

But that doesn’t just mean you can cut and paste the information. You’ll have to make a few adjustments, such as:

  • Place each one on a new page (treat them like articles)
  • Place links within the text to point into your website (or other sites)
  • Sanitise the content regarding dates etc., for events or offers
  • Change the layout so it looks attractive on  the web

This ‘repurposing’ of content can have a very positive effect on your SEO. But it doesn’t just stop with newsletters – how about turning your White Papers into blog posts and articles?

Over to you

Do you recycle your content?

Leave your comments below and tell us what works for you.