Wise businessperson


If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times; you know your business better than anyone else.

But that does not mean you should ignore advice.

A few years ago, while still a little green behind the ears, I worked with a client who was after a sales letter.

It’s not something I did a lot, but I knew how to write them and similar previous projects had gone down a storm.

We met, we chatted and he told me what he wanted to say.

Instantly, I knew it wasn’t going to work.

However, during our conversation, he’d said something that piqued my interest about his service. I asked him more about it and it soon became apparent that, although not a core service, it would definitely provide a sufficiently large hook to get someone to pick up the phone to him.

I talked my idea through with him, but he dismissed it. That’s not what he wanted; he was paying me to work for him, therefore I had to write what he wanted.

I tried to argue my point, but it fell on deaf ears.

I went away and wrote exactly what he wanted. It was bland. There was no way anyone would respond to it.

But I also wrote the sales letter that I’d wanted to write.

It was strong, eye-catching, provided the reader with a benefit they simply couldn’t say no to.

After a deep breath, I emailed them both to him, explaining why there was a second letter and how it was so much stronger. I even offered it to him without extra charge so he could split test.


He knew his business better than me and he was going to go with the one he’d wanted.

It bombed.

What’s the moral of this story?

Yes, you know your business inside out and back to front, but your copywriter instinctively knows what will work in the world of marketing.

If you go to the trouble of hiring a professional writer, listen to their advice – they know what they’re talking about.

It is a wise businessperson who seeks professional help with their marketing, but it is a wiser one who listens to that advice and takes it.

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