I could leave it there, but that wouldn’t really convince you to take the plunge if you’re still hovering around the fringes of the social media world.

One of the main arguments is the time factor (we covered what to tweet in our last post). It’s yet another thing you have to squeeze into your already hectic day. But let’s look at that issue from a different angle.

I’m guessing you find the time to promote your business, chat to your customers and offer them a great service, so if you’re already doing that, you’re pretty much there because you just have to do the same thing but online.

I bet you even go out to networking events – well that involves leaving your office, arriving at a location where you won’t be entirely sure about who will be there, probably not talking to everyone in the room and just leaving with a fist full of business cards you don’t really want.

But if you network using social media you can target the people you want to speak to, get in touch with people who would otherwise be impossible to meet and get on with your work at the same time.

Social media is all about two way communication – you offer help and advice, your customers use it to build a relationship with you from which, with a bit of luck, business comes your way.

If you’re still not entirely convinced, take a look at these stats:

  • Social media users’ revenue grew at 19%, whereas non-social media users’ only grew at 6%
  • The client base of social media users grew at 12%
  • 61% of LinkedIn users gained a client through social media
  • 35% of Facebook users gained a client
  • 47% of blog owners gained a client
  • 36% overall gained clients through a social network

(Source: The Business Success Team)

Beginning to see the bigger picture now?

Go on, give it a try and let us know how you get on. If you’re already using it, leave a comment and tell the world about the successes you’ve had with social media and the effect it’s had on your business.