Yes, I know, another post about professional copywriting being worth its weight in gold. 

The fact is that when you use a professional copywriter, you’re going to get content that your customers will relate to because it will be written for them.

Still not buying it?

OK, let me take a different tack for a while. 

Copywriting vs fiction writing 

The most obvious difference between copywriting and fiction writing is that the former is factual whereas the latter isn’t. 

Yes, there are some occasions where copy (usually very poorly written copy) borders on fiction, but on the whole, it should be based on fact.

One of the similarities is the investment element. 

How many times have you started reading a novel but found it difficult to get into? Somehow, despite being well written, there’s nothing there to draw you in; you’re not invested in it.

This is usually because the characters are wooden, so you aren’t drawn in by the story.

Great writers create characters that are real. They make you believe in their situation. They come across as living breathing people that you start to care about. That’s what keeps you invested in the story until the last page.

Your copywriting is unlikely to have characters, but it should still tell a story. 

It should show your reader how much easier their life will be once they have your product or service. Perhaps it will save them money, give them back time, add a touch of luxury to their lives, whatever it is it has to be something they value. 

By creating a story around your product or service, you’re convincing your readers to invest in you. 

If your content focuses on your business instead (or even purely on the service or product you offer without relating it to your customer) of the impact it will have on your customers, they’ll stop reading. 

Invest in your customers

The whole point of creating content for your business is to show your customers what it means to be one of your customers. You have to appeal to their emotions and show them the ‘why’ behind your business. 

In other words, you’re not doing this to make yourself rich. Hell no! No, you’re in business to help them regain time, reduce their outgoings, live a more luxurious life, to be the envy of their friends – basically, whatever it is that’s important to them.  

The only way you will achieve this is by hiring a professional freelance copywriter. 

You know it makes sense. Call Sally Ormondon +44(0) 1449 779605. She’s an international freelance professional copywriter who can get under your customers’ skin.