The best marketing strategy your business can have is a varied one.

Just publishing high quality content, although important, isn’t enough.

Your customers are all very different (even though they face common issues which bring them to you) and like to receive information in different ways. That’s why the content you produce should be in a visual, audio and textual format.

For the purposes of this post I want to look at video as part of your marketing strategy and in particular, explainer videos.

What is an explainer video?

It’s basically what it says: a video that explains the benefits of a product, service.

Google, as you know, loves video, so getting a video on your website, YouTube channel and social media platforms is going to be a very smart move.

Here are a couple of examples. The first is one I produced for my business and the second is one I scripted for a client.



How long should your video be?

Watching a video is a quick and easy way of getting information, but that doesn’t mean you should be looking to direct a feature film. Keep it short and your message succinct; about 90-120 seconds it ideal.

Both of the examples above are about 90 seconds in length; long enough to get the message across, shot enough to keep the viewer’s attention.

How should it be shot?

Obviously, the ones featured here are both animated, but you could use a talking head (real person talking), voice over with images, music and slides etc.

You are the person that knows your customers best and therefore should know what will go down best with them.

One of the most important aspects of the video is the script.

It’s essential this is kept brief and to the point. If you start rambling on about how great your company is you’ll send your audience to sleep.

Use a minimal amount of words to get your message across.

The power of video

If someone is faced with 2 websites, one of which is just a wall of text whilst the other offers an entertaining video of about 90 seconds, they’ll plump for the video.

Of course, explainer videos shouldn’t just be confined to your home page. How about creating a series of them as ‘how to’ guides to complement your customer service?

Video will add a new dimension to your marketing strategy and widen your company’s appeal. Have a go and put one together. It doesn’t have to cost the earth and it could do wonders for your traffic and conversions.