A little while ago, on my other blog (Freelance Copywriter’s Blog), I wrote a post about how to create a strong About Us page. It contained 5 tips that I will reiterate soon, but first I want to think about the humble About Us page.

For many of my copywriting clients it’s the one page that’s left until last. It’s never really seen as important because it’s not one of the main landing pages.

But in my mind, the About page is important.

The rest of your website must be written for your customers. That means every word is directed at them, showing them the benefits they will enjoy when they buy from you. There is no room to blow your own trumpet, but there is on the About page.

Before you get carried away,  that doesn’t mean you can fill it will stuff like “We’ve been in business for 27 years. We’re passionate about what we do” bla, bla, bla.

Although it can give  more details about you, you’re still selling your self to your readers so it has to be slanted towards them. On that page you have to show them you’re the best company for them to do business with. It’s your opportunity to show your personality.

So, to give you a few pointers, here are the 5 tips I mentioned earlier:

1. Show

An About Page that’s full of big words and adjectives that attempts to tell the reader how great you are isn’t fooling anyone. All it shows is that you have a thesaurus and you know how to use it.

It’s far more effective to show them how great you are by mentioning the awards you’ve received, any press coverage you’ve had and, if you have any major clients, a bit of shameless name-dropping.

2. Personality

Companies are quite wary of this one. They think that they have to show a corporate image to be successful. Well they don’t.

People buy from people (excuse the cliché) so show that you are human. Make your tone personable and friendly. Ditch the corporate speak for something more day to day that your reader will relate to.

3. Show off your people

If there’s one thing companies hate more than showing their personality, it’s showing their pictures (the people in the company that is, not the actual company itself, that wouldn’t work). But showing off your staff is a great way to make a personal connection with the reader.

They can see who they will be dealing with and, rather than just adding a professional bio about them, add details about their hobbies, dreams, likes and their Twitter handle.

This is a great way to open up your company to build trust.

4. SEO

Boo hiss, we’re all fed up with those initials, but they are important.

Even though it’s not a direct sales page, your About Page should still be optimised.

5. Don’t hide

Once you’ve actually gone to the trouble (or cost) of creating your About Page don’t hide it.

Make sure it’s clearly visible from your navigation bar so potential clients can find it and take a look at what you’re like. It could just swing things in your favour.

There you go, your About Page IS important so make the most of it and use it to show the human side of your business. Have some fun putting it together and get the real essence of your company out there for all to see.

Faceless corporate businesses are impersonal and unfriendly, especially when they are Internet based. You can’t go and meet every potential client, so your website must convey your personality and the About Page is the perfect vehicle for that.