(How a Copywriter Overcomes Your Readers’ Objections)

stop people saying no


Marketing your business would be so much easier if your potential clients could not say no.

Although there are some people out there that like to be told what’s right for them, the vast majority put up a brick wall faster than Donald Trump when they get a sniff of being sold to.

It’s human nature. It’s your money, and only you’ll decide where it’s spent. You don’t want to feel as though someone else influenced your decision so you’ll resolutely stand fast and refuse to buy just because someone’s told you to.

Silencing the gremlins of doubt

How many times have you decided you wanted to buy something only for the little gremlins of doubt to start nagging you?

Do you need it?

Can you justify the cost?

What if it’s not right?

That’s where a copywriter is worth her weight in gold. Her experience enables her to create content that will help your potential customer overcome those objections.

Copywriting to convince

I’ve already said that when you are faced with a buying decision all manner of objections will pop into your head. Your copywriter will pre-empt these because writing copy isn’t about getting the consumer to say ‘yes’, it’s about preventing them from saying ‘no’.

Here are some common objections:

  1. I don’t need it

There are very few things we buy that we need – and if we do need them, we don’t question them because needing something means you can’t function without it.

Does your customer need that extra pair of shoes or luxury bathrobe?

They do if you can convince them to change the ‘need’ into a must-have.

They don’t need the small mountain of shoes that’s accumulated in the bottom of their wardrobe, but they want to look coordinated, stylish and modern. Therefore the must have lots of different pairs to go with all their outfits.

  1. I can’t afford it

Everyone is feeling the pinch at the moment, so this one can be a tough nut to crack.

The best way to do that is to dredge up the must-have feelings again.

This can be done in two ways: giving a stonking offer they can’t refuse; changing the focus away from the cost and placing it on the benefits/desirability factor.

  1. Perhaps tomorrow?

Anyone who thinks, I think about it and come back later isn’t going to come back, which is why you have to do your utmost to make them decide there and then by:

  • Creating a time limited offer
  • Telling them there is a limited supply
  • Telling them they only have until midnight to place their order or miss out on the offer of a lifetime
  1. Why should I buy from you?

Trust us a big issue for many people.

Looking at it from your customer’s point of view, they’ve just stumbled across your website and don’t know you from Adam.

Your copy must convince them of your trustworthiness by using:

  • Testimonials
  • Background information on your company
  • Details of your longevity
  • Case studies from past clients
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Simple language that isn’t full of jargon

Your copy must entice, convince and sell if you are to draw in the punters. Remember you have to dispel their objections before they have the opportunity to raise them.

Content is far more than a few words thrown together; it’s your sales tool, your trust status and the army of sales assistants ready and waiting to help your customers reach their buying decision.