email marketing


Email marketing is a godsend, but only if you get it right.

In seconds you can contact thousands of customers with your latest news, offers and advice.

Of course, there is one vital piece of the puzzle many companies forget.

They come up with great content, they create an eye catching email, they even come up with a humdinger of a subject line and then press the button to send it to everyone on their list.

But they’ve forgotten something.

Quite possibly the most important aspect of email marketing.

They’ve forgotten to focus on relevancy.

The message you’ve just created may not beĀ relevantĀ to everyone on your list.

You might think, hang on a minute, mine’s only a small business, surely list segmentation is only for the big companies?

Well, you’d be wrong.

Every company’s email marketing can be given a boost by list segmentation. It could be according to demographic, survey results, last product bought, frequency etc.

The infographic below (by Email on Acid) illustrates how you can segment your marketing list to make your mailings more relevant and therefore more effective.

How to segment your email marketing list