sold_out You may have spent hours putting together a pretty advert which is very informative. Great – I’m sure you’re very pleased with it, which you should be assuming you weren’t hoping to make any money from it.

But I have a feeling the main reason for going to all that trouble was to make money so you may have a problem. You’ve just blown your marketing budget on a nice piece of paper that won’t sell.

The copywriting (or sales writing) on your advert is there to perform 2 functions – it tells your reader what your product is but it must also be persuasive enough to make them buy it. Not always an easy combination to achieve.

I’ve been a freelance copywriter for a while now so I have put together 7 tips to help you make your adverts more persuasive.

1. Including a picture of yourself will add a personal touch.

2. If you have any famous or well-known clients, mention them (it will increase the want factor).

3. If your product’s passed any tests (safety, quality control etc.) write about it.

4. Include testimonials from happy clients.

5. If you’ve had articles written about your product make reference to them in your advert.

6. Make sure your website looks professional – its quality will have an effect on their opinion of your product.

7. If you offer a money back guarantee, tell them – it will show your commitment to them and increase your credibility in their eyes.

Your advert is there for one purpose only – to make your reader want your product and then convince them they need it. When you’ve achieved that the sale’s in the bag.