Every business owner wants to sell more. 

You’ll expect me to bang on about the importance of your content and how that is the only thing you need to boost your sales. 

If I did, you’d think it was a load of BS in an attempt to gain new clients. That’s why I’m not going to tell you that – well, that and because one thing in isolation (even your copywriting) isn’t going to achieve greater sales. 

What will help you sell more is taking the time to engage with your customers. To be really successful this engagement needs to happen on all levels within your company and at all stages of customer contact. 

Let me explain. 

Show a united front

You have a sales department, but boosting your company sales shouldn’t be down to them alone. 

Everyone within your business, regardless of department or job title, should always be thinking sales. Any conversation could potentially lead to a sale, so its essential all your staff are switched on and ready to act. 


Meetings with customers are often viewed as opportunities to quickly make the customer aware of your products/services and then sign them up. 

But meetings are more effective is you listen more than you speak. Listening to what your customer actually wants will lead to better service in their eyes. Show an interest in what they have to say and don’t be afraid to ask difficult questions such as budget while you have their attention. The more information you can extract from them the better. 

Education, education, education

If you want people to buy from you, you have to show them how much they need your product/service. The best way to do that is through education. Blogging, how to posts, videos, eBooks, free demos and free trials are all great ways to get your customers reaching for their credit cards. 

Use these marketing materials to show them how buying from you will benefit them. Use case studies to show real life examples so they can get a feel for what you can do. Everyone loves a real life story and they are a great way to demonstrate what you do. 


I know some larger companies tend to use a sales script, especially in telesales departments, but these can sometimes come across as contrived and lifeless. Although you probably want your staff to stick to these scripts, encourage them to inject their own personality into their delivery.

It will boost engagement and make your customers feel as though they are dealing with real people who care, rather than someone reading from a piece of paper. 

Act now

One of the greatest ways to get someone to buy is to add a sense of urgency to the deal. 

Having a time limited special offer for example will encourage your customers make a decision because they won’t want to lose out. Although nothing new, this method has been a winner for many, many years so use it. 

Not at gun point

Have you seen those TV documentaries that unearth rogue companies that encourage their sales team to use heavy-handed sales pitches that badger customers in to signing contracts? 

Under no circumstances should any of your staff be forcing a sale through. Many people will simply turn their back on you if you try and certainly will never do business with you again. 

By relying on education, case studies and helpful, polite staff your company will enjoy great sales figures