Tone of voice? Isn’t that just a fallacy dreamt up by the marketing industry in an attempt to justify their high charges

I guess some agencies might use it that way, but I can assure you tone of voice is not only real, but it’s also vital to your online success.

In fact, I’d go further to say it’s vital for your business’s success.

What does tone of voice mean?

When you read something (like this blog post) you have a little voice in your head reading the text to you. Sometimes it will sound casual and friendly (hopefully, that’s what you’re getting right now). Sometimes it sounds corporate and stuffy.

That’s the tone of voice.

As your audience reads your content, subconsciously that voice is building a picture of your business.

It’s telling them whether you seem friendly and approachable, or corporate and standoffish.

Your word choice, sentence structure, formatting, and ability to play with grammar all come together to portray an image.

That’s why when a client says “oh, I really like to the style of Burt’s writing. Write mine just like that,” I shake my head and say no.

You see, the voice you use must be true to you. It must reflect your personality, not Burts.

I’m happy to help you find the right tone by listening to you, understanding your brand’s personality and (more importantly) the audience you want to attract.

A simple tone of voice guide

If that all sounds a bit daunting, don’t worry because I’ve put together a short tone of voice guide you can download.

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