Empty website copy is rife. Your website content should attract, inspire, and persuade readers that your product or services are just what they’ve been looking for. 

However, that said, there are far too many websites out there with empty content. 

They may look pretty, but all their doing is taking up valuable internet real estate.

Why is your web copy empty?

What do I mean by empty website copy?

Well, it can mean one of two things. Either:

  • It’s all about your business and doesn’t address your readers needs and wants, or
  • It’s full of empty phrases

Let me explain. 

Failing to address your readers’ needs

This one is very common, and I’m sure you’ve come across many sites that have fallen foul of this. 

When writing your website copy, it’s very easy to talk about your business. You’ll think that by telling readers about how long you’ve been in business, how great your product/service is, what it is, and how it works, you’ll attract shed loads of visitors and sell millions. 

You’d also be wrong. 

If you don’t believe me think back to the last social gathering you attended. I bet, somewhere among the crowd, was a party bore. You know the person I mean. The one who wants to talk about himself all night, and has always gone one better than you. 

He’s the human version of empty web content. 

The only way you’ll engage with your readers and convince them to do business with you is by addressing their needs. It’s imperative every word on your site talks to them directly and shows them how you’re going to make their life easier. That means talking about why you do what you do rather than what you do. 

Using empty phrases

Empty phrases are used so often they have become clichés. 

What are they?

They are things like:

  • Market leading
  • Leaders in our field
  • Turnkey solutions
  • State-of-the-art
  • Unique
  • Innovative
  • World-class
  • Best in class

None of these tell your reader how you’re going to make their life easier. Plus, with phrases such as “market leading” and “best in class” – who says they are? Do you have proof? 

Using words and phrases like these is a complete waste of time. Just in the same way as using formal, hyperbolic words makes your website sound like nonsense. 

Big words don’t make you sound intelligent so please don’t use them. Stick to straightforward, plain English. 

Sally Ormond is a professional freelance copywriter. She works with companies around the world creating meaningful content. Check her out at www.briarcopywriting.com