SEO copywriting enhances your content


Do I think all SEO copywriting is bad?


There is some terrible stuff out there, but that’s because someone who doesn’t know better has written it.

SEO copywriting can be great content, so how do you know if you’re doing it right?

The simple answer is this. Do you work from an SEO ‘formula’ that includes stuff like:

  • You must write xx words because that’s what Google wants
  • Only focus on one keyword and repeat it in its entirety x times
  • Focus on your keyword density
  • Use bold and italics to highlight words that don’t need highlighting
  • Write idiotic long-tail key phrases in their entirety as many times as possible

If you do, you’re doing it wrong. It’s probably not your fault because that’s how you’ve been taught, but it is incorrect, and all of the above will ruin your content and your conversions.

Real SEO Copywriting doesn’t destroy content

SEO copywriters are worth their weight in gold

Real SEO copywriting means writing for your reader.

Your content focuses on their needs; it’s chatty, easy to read and full of great information.

It still uses keywords, but sparingly. You’ve mixed them up with synonyms and related terms to make your writing interesting and enjoyable.

It’s not stilted or clumsy because it’s not jammed with ridiculously long-tail key phrases that are no good to man or beast.

That’s why, when you find a copywriter who is capable of writing online for both search engines and people, you should hang on to them because they’re worth their weight in gold. Your content will not only be found; it will be enjoyed and shared.

In my view, SEO isn’t and shouldn’t be the death of good writing. If you know what you are doing it will enhance it.

Make sure you take your online presence seriously. The words on your website (whether on your sales pages or blog) will have a direct impact on whether someone decides to do business with you, so get someone in who knows what they’re doing.