Following on from last week’s case study about training materials, this case study looks at the role of copywriting in the launch of a new business.

Case Study: Launching a New Truffle Supplier Business

The truffle is a very lucrative commodity with a high demand, low supply ratio, but the opportunity to enter the truffle market is rare. 

Crownfare, a company based in Bulgaria, approached Briar Copywriting to help them launch their brand as a premium truffle exporter to the US, Canada and Europe. 

The brief was to create content for their new website to create a buzz around their product. 

High quality truffles are usually associated with Italy and France, so part of the challenge was to highlight the Bulgarian truffle as one that can rival those traditionally seen as a superior product. 

As a new player in the industry it was important for the copy to gain the readers trust while encouraging them to get in touch.  

How the process works

The first stage of the collaboration was a comprehensive brief from Crownfare. 

Being a new player entering the premium marketplace it was essential to create a tone that conveyed the company’s personality while instilling confidence in its truffles.

The client provided information about the variety of truffles it sourced, how this was done and what made them a superior product – the basic elements required to structure the content. 

It was then down to me to research the truffle market and discover what other suppliers were saying to ensure our content went further, answering all potential questions a buyer may have. 

As a result I created various stories around the foraging, packaging processes, and potential markets highlighting the experience of the truffle hunters. 

“I read your first draft and I’m blown away. You’re a great storyteller and writer. Your research was pretty much spot on. Absolutely brilliant!” – Tez Mills, Founder, Crownfare

Moving target

After completing the initial draft of the copy I received an email from the client saying there had been a rethink of the core business and it was now aiming to become a premium ingredient supplier. 

Over Skype we discussed how this would impact the current content and who the new audience was. 

Once aware of this new information, I returned to the content and revised it as necessary to satisfy the company’s new goals and the new content was signed off. 

I was then asked to do some additional work – the creation of three marketing emails aimed at three very different audiences. 

Working in collaboration

Every organisation needs high quality content, but not every organisation has the expertise to convert its in depth knowledge into powerful, engaging marketing collateral. 

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