recycle your old content


Over the years you’ve amassed some pretty strong content.

You have some great blog posts that are still being shared and talked about.

But are you making the most of them?

Reusing old content might sound like a lazy way to create copy, but it can be one of the best ways to enrich your website and customer relationships.

Times change and some of the stuff you wrote about in the past could be revisited and updated. But as well as creating a new blog that enhances an earlier one, why not use that old content and refresh it?

Give your content a new lease of life

As you know, content isn’t just blogs and articles.

People like to get their information in a multitude of ways, so why not take that evergreen content you created a while back (the stuff that’s timeless and got loads of social shares) and give it a makeover?

How can you do that?

Well how about…

  1. Add depth with new ideas

Even though the bulk of your earlier post is still valid, there have probably been some updates in your industry, so it’s a good idea to go back and review the content.

You can repost it with additional comments about new research, new thinking or new ideas that have come into play since your original post, with comments about how things have moved on.

That way, not only are you enhancing your original post, you’re using it to update your readers, helping them stay in touch with what’s happening.

  1. Words into pictures

I mentioned earlier that people like to get their information in a variety of ways, so how about taking one of your older posts and turning it into an infographic.

This more visual approach may well attract a whole new audience and get you a few more social shares.

  1. Using it to teach

The relationship you have with your customers will always be enhanced when you give away great information.

How about gathering together a mini series of posts that you’ve created on a particular top and create an email series from them?

That way you’re delivering great content directly to your customers’ inbox on a regular basis.

  1. Become an author

They say there’s a book in all of us, but few have the time or inclination to sit down a write it.

Well, now’s your chance. Rather than the email series I mentioned earlier, how about turning past posts into an eBook? It could be a free giveaway on your site to tempt people to sign up to your newsletter or mailing list.

You could share it across your social media channels, of course linking back to your website.

You see, once written a blog post shouldn’t be forgotten about.

You’ve got a lot of valuable content in those archives, so make sure you get the most from it.